Deadliest Catch: Season 9

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After being badly beaten by one of the most devastating winters in history,
this notorious fleet of Alaskan crab boats is back to face the next season
of Deadliest Catch. In Season 9, the crews are fueled by desperate hope
as they risk it all for the big haul. But if these guys know anything, it s that
comebacks don t come easy. Brutal competition, serious injuries, and one
ferocious arctic storm will take them to the depths of despair. While some
will rake in record-breaking hauls, a freak accident leaves others racing
for the shore. And in the end, simply surviving the sea is considered the
greatest success of all.

This 4-disc set also includes a bonus episode,
Behind the Lens, where you ll meet the men and women who battle the
Bering Sea to bring this 10-time EMMY award-winning show home to you.

Number of discs: 4

Run Time: 792 minutes

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