Shark Week 2015

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The Most Wonderful Week of the Year, Shark Week braves the waters from Florida to Taiwan to find the largest, fastest and most unique sharks in existence. American and Cuban scientists come together for the first time to search for Great Whites in an unexplored area of the world, and researchers try to explain the clocklike precision of repeated shark attacks on a single beach.

Shark Trek
Shark expert, Greg Skomal and a team of engineers from the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution embark on a mission to find out why Great White sightings in Florida are on the rise. It's the biggest study ever of Atlantic Great Whites.

Island of the Mega Shark
The quest to find the largest great white continues at Guadalupe Island, Mexico. The team investigates using the all new untested ghost cage. As exploration shifts into the deep, they discover a mass coming up from the murk. Could it be the Mega Shark?

Monster Mako
A team of marine biologists set out to clock the top speed of the fastest shark in the ocean - the Mako. Meanwhile, a second crew aims to prove that Makos are ambush predators that breach to kill their prey, just like Great Whites.

Return of the Great White Serial Killer
Since 2008, every two years in October, shark attacks have struck at Surf Beach, California. As October 2014 closes in, the big questions remain: will the attacks happen again? Is it the same shark? Can DNA be used to find the massive 16+ foot killer?

Alien Sharks: Close Encounter
Deep below the ocean's surface live some of the strangest marine animals on earth. Now, three expeditions are exploring those depths for sharks that glow in the dark. They are hoping for a close encounter in the strange domain of alien sharks.

Bride of Jaws
At nearly 18 feet and over 3,000 pounds, a record-breaking female great white shark nicknamed "Joan of Shark" roams the waters off Western Australia. Three shark lovers follow an extraordinary 4,000-mile migratory path to find and tag her.

Tiburones: Sharks of Cuba
"Tiburones: The Sharks of Cuba" documents for the first time ever, a team of American & Cuban shark experts to investigate today's shark population in the seas surrounding Cuba, where a monster 21-ft Great White named El Monstruo was caught in 1945.

Super Predator
The search for the predator that ate a 9 ft. Great White off the coast of Australia takes wildlife filmmaker Dave Riggs into the kill zone - a deep ocean battleground of great whites, killer whales and giant squid.

Ninja Sharks
Unique adaptations evolved over millions of years make these 6 sharks the most lethal hunters in the sea.

Sharks of the Shadowland
Mysterious sharks threaten government divers in remote New Zealand waters. Attack survivor Jenny Oliver and researcher Kina Scollay are on a quest to find out if the mysterious Sevengill sharks are targeting divers and are they hunting in packs?

Sharksanity: The Return
We scoured the seas to bring you the greatest moments from Shark Week 2015! Only the closest calls, biggest bites and greatest gadgets made the cut! Then, we're revealing your top picks for the best of Shark Week history.

Shark Island
In a remote corner of the Indian Ocean, Reunion Island has become the most dangerous place on the planet for shark attacks. After 7 deaths in 4 years, locals and scientists are in a race against time to find answers before another fatal encounter.

Shark Alley: Legend of Dynamite
A spunky teenage great white named Dynamite is determined to earn his stripes in the treacherous waters of South Africa. A team of wildlife filmmakers are hot on the trail, using state of the art technology to track his incredible journey.

Air Jaws: Walking with Great Whites
Great white sharks live most of their lives on or near the sea floor where humans dare to venture. Now, world-renowned shark photographer Chris Fallows descends to the bottom in W.A.S.P., a craft that will allow him to enter their mysterious underworld.

MythBusters vs. Jaws
It's the MythBusters Shark Special as the guys retackle the explosive finale of the film Jaws. But that's not all - with two shark repellent myths thrown in for good measure, the guys are going to need a bigger boat!

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