Submarine: Hidden Hunter

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Climb aboard the U.S. Navy's newest shark in the water: the Virginia class submarine. Still in her shakedown period and not yet commissioned, Virginia has been designed for maximum flexibility – to engage a wide array of potential threats, provide offshore nuclear deterrence and offer decisive deep-water hunt and kill capabilities. But, while she may be the most advanced attack sub in history, there's still plenty of testing to be done. Travel to the shipyard and watch as these amazing machines are built and put through a battery of tests and sea trials. Then meet the Chief of the Boat, who leads a detailed tour of the ship's high-tech systems, demonstrating just how the Virginia uses technology to one-up her enemies. Head to Basic Sub School, where raw recruits are subjected to harrowing drills as they learn to fight fires and repair leaks courtesy of the school's high-tech simulators. Finally, learn how Virginia will cope with non-nuclear subs outfitted with radical new gear: Air Independent Propulsion.

Number of discs: 1

Run Time: 50 minutes

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